BA (Hons) International Food & Beverage Management

City Unity College in collaboration with Cardiff Metropolitan University offers the BA in International Food & Beverage Management. The foodservice industry is a dynamic industry, and all who aspire to managerial status should acquire a sound knowledge of the design, production, operation, and management of a foodservice system. This industry is customer driven, as manifested in the production of quality food and service for customer satisfaction with the ever-present financial concerns.

The key rationale for this programme in International Food & Beverage Management is the realisation that in the modern hospitality and food service industry it is necessary but not sufficient to produce chefs: the industry needs chef managers and food and beverage managers. The main purpose of this programme, therefore, is to offer students the managerial knowledge necessary to run a number of food production units successfully.


Whereas the aim of the first two years of study is to prepare students to become chefs and restaurant operators, the third year is designed to aspire individuals to take up a managerial role in the intriguing field of Food & Beverage and related industries.  The structure of the programme provides solid foundation in management, including practical, creative and professional skills. It also provides direct contact with excellent companies and their leaders, who are often guest speakers on the programme.

First Year 

  • Menu Planning and Design
  •  Food Science, Hygiene and HACCP
  •  Food Commodities and Culinary Principles
  •  Finance for Managers
  •  Management Theory & Practice
  •  Personal Development Planning
  •  Business Applications
  •  Industrial Work Experience
  •  Food Production Theory and Practicals I
  •  Customer Service Workshop

Second Year 

  • Food and Beverage Planning and Control
  •  Restaurant Operations Management
  •  Bar and Beverage Theory
  •  Nutrition in Menu Planning
  •  HRM for THE
  •  Research Skills
  •  Industrial Work Experience
  •  Financial Planning for Business
  •  Food Production Theory and Practicals II

Third Year 

  • Managing F&B in Competitive Environments
  •  Field Study 3
  •  Marketing, Advertising, Sales and Public Relations for THE
  •  Entrepreneurship and Business Planning
  •  Strategic Management for THE
  •  Corporate Finance
  •  Research Methods
  •  Enterprise Project or
  •  Dissertation or
  •  Independent Study
Admissions Requirements

All applicants should meet the following conditions: 

  • Have a high school diploma (or equivalent).
  • In exceptional cases there will be an interview or challenge courses or entrance exams or accreditation of prior learning in consultation with the moderator.
  • Meet the English Language Proficiency Requirements



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