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LEA – Bachelor In Applied Foreign Languages

City Unity College offers in cooperation with the University of Strasbourg the undergraduate programme in Applied Foreign Languages (Licence langues étrangères appliquées – LEA).

LEA has an interdisciplinary and professional nature and its aim is to develop multiple multilingual and multicultural skills: proficiency in two foreign languages, awareness on political, financial and social issues of the modern world, deep understanding of geographical and cultural elements related to the students’ working languages.

The LEA programme offers students the skills required for easy communication, argumentation, translation, writing in the foreign languages, combined with the necessary knowledge about the culture of each language.

Upon successful completion of the LEA programme, students can continue their studies at graduate level, in the fields of Translation, Interpretation, International Relations, Communication, Tourism, or work with two working languages in the areas of Communication, Education and Tourism.

Duration: 3 years

Course units
  • Expression techniques in Greek
  • Tools of textual, linguistic and cultural analysis
  • Academic methodology
  • Information technology
  • Culture (Language Α)
  • Culture (Language Β)
  • Language Α
  • Language Β
  • Translation: Theory and Methodology
  • Translation of specialised texts
  • Final project


Admission Requirements
  • High-school diploma
  • Proficiency in one or two foreign languages



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