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Master 1 in Interpretation

Master 1 in Interpretation is the first year of the two-year graduate programme in Interpretation. The programme is trilingual (Greek and two foreign languages). Participation in the entrance exams is allowed to candidates who have completed at least three year-studies in a Higher Education programme and are proficient in two foreign languages. The degree is delivered by the University of Strasbourg. Graduates of the Master 1 in Interpretation programme can be enrolled in the Master 2 in Conference Interpretation programme, which is offered by the University of Strasbourg/ITIRI at City Unity College.

Duration of studies: one year / two semesters
Credits: 60 (30 credits per semester)

  • Consecutive Interpretation from the first foreign language into Greek
  • Consecutive Interpretation from the second foreign language into Greek
  • Methodology of Interpretation
  • On-sight translation from the first foreign language into Greek
  • On-sight translation from the second foreign language into Greek
  • Law
  • History of Translation
  • Application of Linguistics on Translation
  • Business
  • Working Languages (Greek and two foreign languages)

Students are assessed through their in-class participation, the projects assigned to them by their instructors, semester exams and final exams.

Admission Requirements

In order to be enrolled in the programme, candidates must have completed at least three-year studies in a Higher Education programme and be proficient in Greek and two foreign languages. They must also pass successfully the entrance exams.

Entrance Exams
The entrance exams take place every June and September in front of a committee comprising of representatives of the University of Strasbourg, members of the faculty of City Unity College and an external professional interpreter. Examination comprises of: a) translation from the foreign languages into Greek and from Greek into the foreign languages and b) oral examination in front of a committee.

Final exams
Final exams for Master 1 in Interpreting are held in June. Students take written exams assessed by each course’s instructor as well as oral exams in sight translation and consecutive interpreting before an examinations committee.



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