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Master 2 in Economic Intelligence

It is the second year of the two-year graduate programme in International Relations with specialization in Economic Intelligence and International Growth Management. Participation to the entrance exams is allowed to candidates who have the Master 1 in International Relations or another university degree and are proficient at least in one foreign language. Master 2 in Economic Intelligence and International Growth Management is awarded by the University of Strasbourg.

Duration of studies: one year / two semesters
Credits: 60 (30 credits per semester)

  • Basic principles of economic intelligence and international economic growth management
  • Practical principles of economic intelligence
  • Finance and international growth management
  • Application of economic intelligence in international growth
  • European Union’s external relations
  • Foreign language
  • Final paper methodology
  • Working languages
  • Project methodologies
  • Practice
Admissions Requirements

Candidates must have university degree, be proficient in two foreign languages and pass successfully the entrance exams or have the Master 1 in International Relations.

Entrance Exams
Entrance exams are conducted every September and include the following sessions:

  • Written test in the two foreign languages: two-page essay or commentary of current affairs text
  • Written exam in Greek/ general knowledge: synthesis and commentary of journalistic text relevant to international current affairs
  • Oral exams: linguistic competence verification for in all working languages and Greek
  • Discussion with the members of the committee about the candidate’s motivation



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