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Master 2 in International Communication

City Unity College offers in cooperation with the Institut de Traducteurs, d’ Interprètes et de Relations Internationales (ITI RI) of the University of Strasbourg, the graduate Master 2 in International Communication (Master 2 – Communication Internationale). The goal of the programme is to provide specialization to communication professionals on issues of Institutional, Applied and Strategic Communication and familiarize them with the skills and the survival techniques needed in the new reality of the international community.

It is the second year of the two-year graduate programme in International Relations with specialization in International Communication. Participation in the entrance exams is allowed to candidates who have the Master 1 in International Relations or a four-year university degree and are proficient in one or two foreign languages. Master 2 in International Communication is awarded by the University of Strasbourg.

Duration of studies: one year / two semesters
Credits: 60 (30 credits per semester)

  • Communication in international level
  • Basic principles of communication
  • Tools and means of communication
  • Communication practices
  • Professional techniques and specializations
  • Project methodologies
  • Working languages
  • Foreign languages and communication
  • Final paper methodology: data collection and research
  • Practice
Admissions Requirements

Eligible Candidates must have a 4-year studies university degree, be proficient in one or two foreign languages and be successful in the entrance exams or have the Master 1 in International Relations.

Entrance Exams

Entrance exams are conducted every June and September and include the following sessions:

  • Written test in the foreign language(s): two-page essay or commentary of current affairs text
  • Written exam in Greek/ general knowledge: synthesis and commentary of journalistic text relevant to international communication
  • Oral exams: linguistic competence in all working languages and Greek
  • Discussion / Interview with the members of the committee about the candidate’s educational and professional goals and aspirations



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