Universite de Strasbourg – Phase Out

University of Strasbourg – Phase Out

The origins of the University of Strasbourg date back to the early 16th century when an institution was created for theology, philosophy, medicine and law. In the wake of historic developments, three separate universities were established in 1971 focusing on sciences, humanities and legal, political, social and technological education. Inter- university cooperation, strengthened over time by jointly designed and managed projects, led the three universities to the decision to unite their potential for instruction and research within a single university. European by nature and international by design, them University’s strengths and assets stem from its active involvement in virtually every discipline comprising the current body of knowledge.

ITIRI (Institut de Traducteurs, dʼInterprètes et de Relations Internationales) was established in 1985 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Strasbourg in cooperation with the University Marc Bloch. As ITIRIʼs courses are professionally- oriented, the institute employs each academic year about 120 professionals who teach in courses according to their expertise. ITIRI offers graduate courses in three areas of study: Translation, Interpretation, International Relations and Lobbying.

City Unity College in cooperation with the University of Strasbourg/ITIRI offers postgraduate programs in the areas of Translation, Interpretation, Conference Interpretation, International Relations and Lobbying.

Why choose the University of Strasbourg?

3 Nobel prizes
The largest university in France
Among the 200 best universities in the world
77 research groups