City Lingua: Start, improve or certify a foreign language!

City Unity Lingua is a leader in adult foreign language education. Its goal is to teach, improve and develop the knowledge of a foreign language for academic or professional purposes.

Nowadays, the multilingual international community requires communication in more than one language, given the fact 36% of employers worldwide choose as contributors/partners people who are proficient in two or three languages. Also, foreign languages ​​are an important tool in studies and in science, while on a daily basis they broaden our communication skills, develop abilities, and enrich the personal and social life.

City Unity through City Lingua enables you to join intensive language learning programs for:

  • General language or conversation skills
  • Preparation for all exams
  • English for University students (academic purposes)
  • Specific English for work (Business, Tourism, Law)

Contact us now and learn more about our courses!

Tel.: 210 3243222 | email.: info@cityu.gr | languages.cityu.gr

Head of City Unity Lingua: E.Ioannidou| e.ioannidou@cityu.gr