• The International University of Brcko emphasizes the quality of higher education and provides its students with important knowledge and skills.
  • The programs of IUB focus on the implementation of theory in practice.
  • The IUB offers a number of programs in different fields such as e.g. psychology.
  • IUB is recognized by various bodies of Bosnia and Herzegovina and remains focused on maintaining high-quality education.
  • The students of IUB study in a multicultural environment, as they are members of the International Exchange. Quality education, in combination with the flexible design of study programs and the continuous creation of new educational and professional opportunities, result in each IUB degree guaranteeing knowledge and professional career at the international level.

The BSc Psychology is recognized by the Greek State and confers eligibility to work as a licensed psychologist in Greece, through the recognition of professional qualifications/ rights process of the ATEEN department of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs.

  • The teaching staff of the department are all psychologists with many years of teaching and working experience, specialized in different fields in psychology, possessing postgraduate and/ or PhD level degrees. All lecturers are also practitioner psychologists, promoting thus an integration between theory, research and practice.
  • Students study a wide range of topics and sub-fields in psychology (e.g. clinical, health, forensic, occupational, social, statistics etc.), while emphasis is placed on applying theory to practice.
  • Students have the opportunity to undertake their professional training in a wide range of placements that the college collaborates with (e.g. hospitals, clinics, counselling centres etc.).
  • The CityU Counselling Centre offers students the opportunity to undertake training under appropriate supervision and enhance their personal and professional skills. Students also have access to free tutoring through the centre, to further enhance their learning experience and overall well-being.
  • Students have free access to thousands of books and scientific journals through electronic libraries.
  • Students can enrol at the Psychology Department’s Research Centre as research associates and participate in international conferences and publications in scientific journals with high impact factors.
  • The college facilitates students’ participation in conferences held in Greece and internationally. Also, the department has an annual psychology conference, where students are encouraged to present their work and exchange views and opinions with fellow students and professionals.
  • Students are also encouraged to participate in a wide range of events and action plans, as well as seminars and webinars organized by the Psychology Department which aims at promoting the continuous professional development of the students.
  • 92% of our graduates are employed or/ and attending postgraduate studies within 1 year of their graduation. 90% of our graduates have evaluated the academic quality of the programme and their learning experience as excellent.