1st year A΄ semester

  • Constitutional Law I
  • Family Law
  • Public International Law
  • Introduction to the Science of Law
  • Sociology of Law


1st year B΄ semester

  • General Principles of Law
  • General Part of Penal Law
  • European Community Law I
  • Criminology
  • Methodology of Law


2st year A΄ semester

  • Contract Law
  • Commercial Law (General Part – Securities)
  • Private International Law and International Trade Law
  • Special Part of Commercial Law (Industrial and Intellectual Property)
  • Labour Law (Individual)


2st year B΄ semester

  • General Administrative Law
  • General Part of Civil Procedure and Law of Proof
  • Land Law
  • Commercial Law (Corporations)
  • Cadastral & Spatial and Town Planning Law


3st year A΄ semester

  • Penal Law (Specific part)
  • Civil Procedure (Legal Remedies and Enforcement)
  • Inheritance Law
  • Special Part of Administrative Law (Tax – Social Insurance Law)
  • Special Part of Commercial Law (Commercial Transactions)


3st year B΄ semester

  • Constitutional Law (Civil and Social Rights)
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Special Part of Commercial Law (Bankruptcy Law – Business Reorganization)
  • Environmental Law
  • Labour Law (Collective)


4st year A΄ semester

  • Administrative Procedure
  • European Community Law II
  • International Procedural Law
  • Law of Public Contracts & Energy Law
  • Special Part of Commercial Law (Nautical and Bank Law)


4st year B΄ semester

  • Exercises/Synopsis: Penal Law and Procedure
  • Exercises/Synopsis: Civil Law and Procedure
  • Exercises/Synopsis: Administrative Law and Procedure
  • Exercises/Synopsis: Commercial Law