MSc Digital Marketing Management

City Unity College, in cooperation with Cardiff Metropolitan University, offers an MSc Digital Marketing Management, targeting individuals who wish to acquire specialized knowledge in online marketing, advertising and managing social media.

Students attend five (5) compulsory modules/courses and two (2) elective modules/courses depending on their field of specialization. Upon completion of their courses, students deliver their diploma thesis.

Why Choose the Program

  • It is a key to success in the highly competitive international labor markets: EU, USA, UAE, etc. Many graduates are already working abroad.

  • There is great demand for specialized business executives/administrators who are graduates of British universities.

  • Excellent employment prospects in dynamically growing sectors (finance, human resources management, marketing, etc.).

  • Combination of theoretical and practical knowledge by leading academics with a long-standing teaching and professional experience.

  • Graduates may register at City Unity Business Club, an organized network that advances their networking into the job market.

  • The presence of students and executives from abroad makes this postgraduate program highly competitive as diverse cultures and various business models constitute an enormous human capital full of experiences and practices within a globalized economy.

  • Since the MBA is one of the few postgraduate programs that do not require a specific academic and professional background, it makes it even more competitive, as diverse experiences offer a more dynamic teaching style.

  • MBA is the ideal tool for someone to start his/her own business having a better overview on how to hedge business risks.