BSc in Computer Science

City Unity College, in cooperation with Cardiff Metropolitan University, offers an undergraduate program in Computer Science. The objectives of the program is to provide a high quality, academically grounded and professionally relevant undergraduate programme, developing in students a critical appreciation of computer science.

Graduates will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to understand the relevant mathematical and computational formalisms and frameworks underpinning computer science, as well as applying these to produce high quality software and hardware systems.

The encouragement of students to function as autonomous learners, embodying computational thinking and real world analysis and modelling skills, should result in graduates who will are able to contextualize their study in a broader technical and societal perspective, as well as developing core professional and ethical foundations.

Why choose the program?

  • Computer Science is a rapidly evolving industry

  • It is a field of great demand in competitive international labor markets such as EU, USA, UAE, etc. Our graduates are in high demand and many already work in very competitive business environments in Greece and abroad.

  • It combines practical and theoretical knowledge that help to understand the scientific aspects of the field and the application of the latest technologies in private and public sector.

  • Professors and instructors have vast experience in the academics as well as in Computer Science industry and labor market.

  • The programme outcomes have been designed by reference to and in compliance with the QAA Subject Benchmark Statement for Computing (2016), as well as referencing the QAA Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (2014).