Master of Laws – LLM

City Unity College, in cooperation with Cardiff Metropolitan University, offers a postgraduate program in Law – LLM International Business.

The program aims to provide students with the opportunity to study specialized areas of Law in international business and to provide them with the necessary skills for a professional career in a global environment.

Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements for enrollment in the Master’s degree program are:

Elective courses focus on specific areas

  • Information Technology and Intellectual Property

  • Finance

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Employment and Human Resource Management

Students attend five (5) compulsory modules/courses and two (2) elective modules/courses depending on their field of specialization. Upon completion of their courses, students deliver their diploma thesis.

Why choose the program?

  • The program is offered in cooperation with one of the largest universities in United Kingdom, Cardiff Metropolitan University, and provides students with the opportunity to attend part of the curriculum in the UK.

  • The professors of the Department of Psychology are prominent psychologists and researchers, while each one is a distinguished instructor on the subject he/she teaches.

  • The program is offered full-time (3 years) or part-time (6 years).

  • Students have the opportunity to intern in various institutions/organizations, which partner with City Unity College.

  • Ambitious students can participate in international conferences held in Greece and abroad, while the annual Psychology Conference and Psychology Seminars and Workshops organized by City Unity College enable students to enrich their CVs with scientific publications and strengthen their job qualifications.

  • For the personal development and well-being of our students free counseling and tutoring is offered on all issues related to their academic development.

1. a Bachelor degree awarded by another approved degree awarding body (2:2 or higher), or

2. a non-graduate qualification which is deemed to be of satisfactory standard for admission into the postgraduate program

Students who do not hold such qualifications will be assessed for their suitability through an interview and, where necessary, through references.

Non-graduates who lack formal qualifications (ie: formal qualifications which marginally fall short of the normal minimum entry requirements) will have to compensate for by their relevant professional experience, provided that these candidates have held for a minimum of five (5) years, a key position relevant to the Master’s degree they wish to pursue.

There are quality assurance measures taken at program, school and institutional level to ensure standards are consistently met.

Need Proof of English minimum level B2.

  • Evaluate the technical, societal and management dimensions of computer systems.
  • Discuss professional, legal, social, cultural and ethical issues related to computing and an awareness of societal and environmental impact.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of aspects of computer systems and their use.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of, and attention to, the many and varied aspects of quality.
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of research methods for investigating a particular issue.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the principles of software engineering.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of techniques for the development of algorithms for a range of applications.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of computer organization and architectures.

The duration of the program is 3 years of full-time studies or 4 years including practical training/internship (optional). The program is completed with the acquisition of 180 ECTS credits for three years or 240 ECTS credits for four years. During the courses, the necessary supervisory and laboratory materials are used (video projectors and PCs in state-of-the-art and fully equipped laboratories). All students have access to the online platform INTRANET where all teaching material, grades and announcements for all courses are posted.

The teaching methodology combines theoretical knowledge with practical training and includes:

  • case study analysis
  • experiential and group seminars
  • developing skills and critical thinking
  • lectures by junior and senior Managers of various production enterprises
  • opportunities for educational visits to production units

All academic programs take place in our facilities at City Unity College, in the center of Athens, 15 – 17 Thisseos, Syntagma 10562.

Graduates with a Public Administration degree may work in Public Administration, for Local Government and Independent Administrative Authorities, may be employed in European and international organizations, as well in the banking sector and private companies.

Under PD 38/2010, Law 3696/2008, Law 4093/2012, European University degrees obtained by attending programs in recognized / accredited Colleges are professionally recognized by the Council for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (SAEP) of the Ministry of Education.

To enroll in the program, prospective students must meet the following requirements::

  • Have a High school diploma
  • Proficiency of English language (for the English speaking class) and knowledge of PC usage

If the requirements for English proficiency are not met, intensive English courses are provided at City Unity College, depending on the level of each prospective student.

To enroll in the program students have to submit a file with the following documents:

  • Photocopy of their ID
  • Photocopy of their High school Diploma
  • English language certificate (for the English speaking class)

The file is evaluated by the Head of the Academic Program and the supporting documents are sent to the European University EurAka Switzerland. After the registration is completed, enrolled students shall receive their student card.