Department of Theology

City Unity College in cooperation with the Swiss University, European University EurAka - Switzerland offers an undergraduate program in Orthodox Theology and Human Studies (BSc in Orthodox Theology and Human Studies).

 Graduating in Orthodox Theology and Human Studies

All programs meet the high standards of university studies, set by the Ministry of Education and Associated Universities, which award degrees and postgraduate degrees to those who successfully complete their studies.

 Orthodox Theology and Humanities at City Unity College

The goal of City Unity College is to provide a high level of theological training and structured scientific learning on contemporary humanitarian studies, so that graduates will be able to carry out responsible religious work and provide useful services to various educational, social and charitable activities, always guided by the Love of Jesus.

Study Programs:

  • Are offered in collaboration with leading Universities, honored internationally for their high academic standards, innovative research activity and ability to lead graduates to a safe workplace.
  • Combine theoretical and practical training, so as to provide graduates the ability to practice their knowledge at a high professional level.
  • Are designed to meet the needs of candidates who attend Greek-language departments.
  • Are taught by academics well known for their educational and professional experience.
  • Take place at classrooms fully-equipped with modern technology teaching tools.