PhD in Physical Education, Sports and Kinesiotherapy

City Unity College in collaboration with Educons University offers PhD program in Physical Education, Sports and Kinesiotherapy. The program provides specialization in kinesiology and kinesiotherapy and fundamental knowledge of pedagogy and psychology. Doctoral studies include high-level  scientific research in kinesiology and kinesiotherapy contributing to the progress of science and education.

The aim of the program is to promote research in the fields of kinesiology and ergometry aiming at the best growth, progress and health preservation, as well as the improvement of kinetic skills..

Upon completion of  this study program students obtain a doctoral degree in Physical Education, Sports and Kinesiotherapy  which is in accordance  with the Regulation of professional, academic and scientific qualifications (S1,Glasnik RS, No. 30/2007, 112/2008, 72/2009 & 81/2010).


Duration of studies : 3 years (6 semesters)

Credits : 180 (60/semester)

Πιστωτικές Μονάδες : 60 ανά έτος

The condition for admission to this study program is that the student has previously obtained 300 ECTS credits at any higher institution in the field of Physical Education and Sports and that has published at least two papers from the category M53 or M33 in the latest 5 years

1o Year

  1. Methodology of Scientific Researches
  2. Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
  3. WOS Databasis
  4. Block of elective courses 1 (1 of 3 is chosen)
    • Management Modeling in Team Sports
    • Management Modeling in Individual Sports
    • Management Modeling in Fitness
  5. Analytics of Functional Testing
  6. Block of elective courses 2 (1 of 3 is chosen)
    • Methodology of Kinesiology Research in Sport
    • Methodology of Kinesiology Research in Physical Education

2o Έτος

  1. Contemporary Biomedical Research Aspects in Kinesiology
  2. Contemporary Trends in Higher Education
  3. Evidence of Scientific Activities
  4. Pedagogical Activities in Educational Process of Academic Institution
  5. Drafting a Doctoral Dissertation

3o Έτος

  1. Doctoral Dissertation project Defense
  2. Operationalization of Project and Doctoral Thesis making
  3. Preparation and Doctoral Dissertation Defense



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