Master in Business Administration

City Unity College in cooperation with the Swiss University, European University EurAka - Switzerland offers a postgraduate program in Business Administration.

Master in Business Administration


City Unity College in cooperation with the Swiss University, European University EurAka - Switzerland offers a postgraduate program in Business Administration.

  • Duration of studies: one (1) year full-time studies - two (2) years part time studies
  • Language of instruction: All teaching and exams are presented in Greek


The postgraduate programs in Business Administration prepare candidates for senior management positions in related organizations and businesses.

The programs’ objective is to educate tomorrow's executives for their respective industries, to be able to cope with the demanding conditions created by the current dynamically evolving business environment. MBA programs, with a constant demand in the labor market, aim to provide executives with sufficient knowledge and skills to become Business Administrators in a modern, globalized and highly competitive economic environment.

Attaining an MBA is the starting point for the advancement of a competent executive to climb an organization's hierarchy, with much more developed skills and knowledge that help in solving problems and offset the business risk of a modern enterprise. This is achieved through the holistic approach of the curriculum, as the program is structured and focused on the quality of knowledge and up to date skills.

Graduates of the MBA program are tomorrow's leaders and modern managers who would be called upon to make strategic decisions both on personal and business level.

Why choose European University EurAka, Switzerland
  • Swiss higher education is top ranked with an established high reputation for excellence. According to "Universitas 21 (U21) Ranking of National Higher Education Systems between 2012 and 2018", Swiss education in relation to the US and the UK holds the 2nd rank among 50 countries..
  • It is the official partner of QS Zurich AG (Swiss Certification Authority) for the design, implementation and audit of educational programs and training in Business Administration (Public Administration, Tourism and Hospitality).
  • It is the official partner of DeuZert, a founding member of IFCES, with ISO 29990 in Education, on the management of educational quality for higher / university education.
  • The European University EurAka applies strict criteria in selecting partner universities around the world to ensure the implementation of high standards of education and practical training of the Swiss higher education system.
  • It prepares graduates with skills, knowledge and abilities, specifically sought by employers worldwide and thus provides graduates with access to highly attractive international job opportunities.
  • It offers Student Value + the optional ISO 17024 personal certification as an integral part of various programs of studies.
  • It is a pioneer in scientific research by applying holistic and interdisciplinary approaches in a constantly changing world.
Why study at City Unity College
  • For the first time Swiss certified programs are presented in Greece, offering the quality of Swiss education in the Greek language.
  • The program is directly linked to the labor market, perfectly combining academic knowledge with the necessary practical skills for a successful professional career
  • The professors of the Business Administration Department are distinguished professionals, researchers and teachers on the subject they teach.
  • The program is offered full-time (1 year).
  • Students have the opportunity to train professionally with various partner organizations.
  • Any student has the chance to participate in Greek and international conferences.
  • City Unity College is cooperating with Behavioral Research Network (BRN) which offers counseling to students for their personal development.
Program duration & Teaching Methods

The duration of the program is 1 year of full-time studies or 2 years of part-time studies. The program is completed with the acquisition of 90 ECTS credits. During the courses, the necessary supervisory and laboratory materials are used (video projectors and PCs in state-of-the-art and fully equipped laboratories). All students have access to the online platform INTRANET where all teaching material, grades and announcements for all courses are posted.

Teaching Methods

The teaching methodology combines theoretical knowledge with practical training and includes:

  • case study analysis
  • experiential and group seminars
  • developing skills and critical thinking
  • lectures by junior and senior Managers of various production enterprises
  • opportunities for educational visits to production units

To attain a ΜΒΑ in Maritime Management students must complete the following courses:

  • Business Economics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Strategic Management
  • Operations Management
  • Organisational Behaviour and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Research Methods
  • Master’s Thesis
Our Campus

All academic programs take place in our facilities at City Unity College, in the center of Athens, 15 – 17 Thisseos, Syntagma 10562.

Career options

Graduates of this program may advance to junior and senior positions in the business hierarchy having more developed skills and knowledge to help them solve problems, offset the business risk in modern enterprises, and the ability to contribute to its strategic growth. Also, graduates may develop their own business (family business, start - ups) by promoting entrepreneurship.

Recognition of professional rights

Under PD 38/2010, Law 3696/2008, Law 4093/2012, European University degrees obtained by attending programs in recognized / accredited Colleges are professionally recognized by the Council for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (SAEP) of the Ministry of Education.

Registration Requirements and Procedures

To enroll in the program, prospective students must meet the following requirements:

  • graduates with a degree from a Greek higher education institution or with a degree from a foreign university
  • candidates without a degree may be admitted in the program if they have experience of at least five (5) years in a related subject/field and after an interview with the Head of the Academic Program
  • Proficiency of English language (optional) and knowledge of PC usage
Required documents for registration

To enroll in the program students have to submit a file with the following documents:

  • A university application
  • Photocopy of their ID
  • Certified copy of their degree and their academic transcript
  • English language certificate (optional)
  • A CV
  • (2) Reference Letters

The file is evaluated by the Head of the Academic Program and the supporting documents are sent to the European University EurAka Switzerland. After the registration is completed, enrolled students shall receive their student card.