MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy

City Unity College in cooperation with the Swiss University, European University EurAka - Switzerland offers a postgraduate program in Integrative Psychotherapy.

MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy


City Unity College in cooperation with the Swiss University, European University EurAka - Switzerland offers a postgraduate program in Integrative Psychotherapy.

  • Program’s objective: To provide students with the specialized knowledge and experience so that they are well prepared at both professional and research level
  • Duration of studies: two (2) years full-time studies
  • Language of instruction: All teaching and exams are presented in Greek

The postgraduate program in Integrative Psychotherapy is designed for graduates of psychology or humanities who wish to have specialized knowledge in the integrative approach and to work in the wider field of mental health.

Why choose European University EurAka, Switzerland
  • Swiss higher education is top ranked with an established high reputation for excellence. According to "Universitas 21 (U21) Ranking of National Higher Education Systems between 2012 and 2018", Swiss education in relation to the US and the UK holds the 2nd rank among 50 countries..
  • It is the official partner of QS Zurich AG (Swiss Certification Authority) for the design, implementation and audit of educational programs and training in Business Administration (Public Administration, Tourism and Hospitality).
  • It is the official partner of DeuZert, a founding member of IFCES, with ISO 29990 in Education, on the management of educational quality for higher / university education.
  • The European University EurAka applies strict criteria in selecting partner universities around the world to ensure the implementation of high standards of education and practical training of the Swiss higher education system.
  • It prepares graduates with skills, knowledge and abilities, specifically sought by employers worldwide and thus provides graduates with access to highly attractive international job opportunities.
  • It offers Student Value + the optional ISO 17024 personal certification as an integral part of various programs of studies.
  • It is a pioneer in scientific research by applying holistic and interdisciplinary approaches in a constantly changing world.
Why study at City Unity College
  • For the first time Swiss certified programs are presented in Greece, offering the quality of Swiss education in the Greek language.
  • The CUC Department of Psychology consists of well-trained academics, established professional psychologists with years of research experience in the subjects they teach.
  • City Unity College enables students and graduates of the Psychology Department to participate in Greek and international conferences, in the annual Psychology Conference of the department, and in special psychology and experiential workshops to enhance their academic knowledge and research activity.
  • City Unity College is cooperating with Behavioral Research Network (BRN) which offers counseling to students for their personal development. There is also free tutoring available for issues related to students’ academic development.
Program duration & Teaching Methods

The program has duration of two (2) years for full-time students The program is completed with the acquisition of 120 ECTS credits, along with a supervised internship and the presentation of a thesis.

During the courses, the necessary supervisory and laboratory materials are used (video projectors and PCs in state-of-the-art and fully equipped laboratories). All students have access to the online platform INTRANET where all teaching material, grades and announcements for all courses are posted.

It is important to emphasize that being present in class is very important for an in-depth understanding of the various subjects. However, in cases where a student is unable to attend any or all of the courses, City Unity College's E-learning platform provides him/her with the ability to download and study from home all lectures and to be informed of all the necessary bibliography and the papers / tests to be delivered by the end of the semester.

Also, the student may hold 1-hour weekly meetings through Skype with all his / her teachers to express his / her questions and to be informed about all developments. The Department's supervisor must be aware from the start of the semester about organizing these meetings so that he/she can keep a close eye on the student’s progress.

Finally, the student can communicate by e-mail with all his / her professors and the head of the department to arrange meetings with them whenever he / she wishes.

Teaching Methods
  • Lectures: It is the main teaching method to transfer knowledge from teacher to student. They provide the student with an in-depth understanding of a module, and a chance to ask questions and advance his studies. All professors/instructors prepare their lectures in the form of presentations, which are available -from the very next day of the presentation- on the E-learning platform of City Unity College to be downloaded by students. This option should not, by any means, replace active attendance of the courses, because only in the classroom the student has the opportunity of interactive learning.
  • Case studies: It is the most successful model, especially in the field of psychology, enabling a student to understand and apply theory in practice as well to prepare him/her for cases in his/her professional career. For this reason, it is very important for each professor to be a psychologist so that he can prepare the student -even from the first year- for the line of work he has chosen to pursue.
  • Tutorials / Personal sessions: They are used to help the student in academic as well as personal issues that relate to potential student questions and inquiries about his / her course progress and career path. In these sessions he/she is given the opportunity to express possible insecurities and/or any weaknesses in some courses and to seek the appropriate solutions together with his/her personal tutor. Tutorials / Personal sessions are a close, personal monitoring of the student to provide support and security at every step.
  • Laboratories: It is the main teaching method for all courses requiring statistical analysis and statistical programs. These courses are taught at City Unity College’s computer labs, which are equipped with specialized statistical programs used in Psychology. Along with theory, the student learns about the use of these programs, which are necessary for research.
  • Group Seminars and Participation in Conferences: It is very important for a Psychology student to participate in seminars and lectures so he/she can understand the importance of continuous learning and education on the various issues of psychology research. Participation starts from the very first year of studies with active involvement in the planning of seminars and lectures on Psychology and continues during the next two years of studies by actively participating through the creation of posters or small presentations. These actions provide students with experience and connections in their future workplace, and enrich their CV so that after graduation they have at least two or three participations in their resume.
  • Assessment: The assessment of knowledge gained during the academic semester is done through formal written exams/tests, essays, reports and presentations. Writing essays, reports and presentations will give the opportunity to the student to not only present his / her own ideas and to understand in depth a subject but also will prepare him / her for future presentations and for the thesis, as well for conferences in which he she may participate throughout his / her professional career.

1st year

Α’ Semester

  • Introduction to Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Introduction to Psychopathology
  • Skills in Counseling and Psychotherapy


Β’ semester

  • Essentials of Integrative Counseling
  • Models of Integration
  • The Integrative Method
  • Integrative Psychotherapy in Practice


2nd year

Α’ Semester

  • Research Methods
  • Practicum I


Β’ Semester

  • Practicum II
  • Final Dissertation
Our Campus

All academic programs take place in our facilities at City Unity College, in the center of Athens, 15 – 17 Thisseos, Syntagma 10562.

Recognition of professional rights

Under PD 38/2010, Law 3696/2008, Law 4093/2012, European University degrees obtained by attending programs in recognized / accredited Colleges are professionally recognized by the Council for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (SAEP) of the Ministry of Education.

Registration Requirements and Procedures

To enroll in the program, prospective students must meet the following requirements:

  • graduates with a degree from a Greek higher education institution or with a degree from a foreign university
  • candidates without a degree may be admitted in the program if they have experience of at least five (5) years with a related Certificate of Postgraduate Specialization (PMP Certificate etc) and after an interview with the Head of the Academic Program
  • Proficiency of English language (optional) and knowledge of PC usage
Required documents for registration

To enroll in the program students have to submit a file with the following documents:

  • A university application
  • Photocopy of their ID
  • Certified copy of their degree and their academic transcript
  • English language certificate (optional)
  • A CV
  • (2) Reference Letters

The file is evaluated by the Head of the Academic Program and the supporting documents are sent to the European University EurAka Switzerland. After the registration is completed, enrolled students shall receive their student card.