Shipping Faculty and Maritime Academy

που παρέχει πτυχία και διπλώματα αναγνωρισμένα από την Transport Malta και την Αραβική Ναυτική Ακαδημία (ΑΑSTMT) της Αιγύπτου.

Accreditations & International Certificates Acknowledgement

Blue Career Center

The Blue Career Center at the Hellenic Arab Maritime Academy is dedicated to help deck / engine cadets and maritime alumni by offering an array of services and resources to aid in all facets of career planning and recruiting.

The Blue Career Center (BCC) seeks to bridge students and graduates from their roles as maritime academic learners to their roles as productive graduates with fulfilling shipping industry careers. We put our academic motto, Learn-Do-Learn, into practice by focusing on shipping and offshore career development.

Experienced Staff is available to assist candidates in Resume Building, Interview Skills and ensure their continued development through Career Development Workshops.

The ΒCC, aims through partnerships with Shipping Companies and Career Services, to ensure that all students and graduates of the Academy are provided with the opportunity to experience a brilliant career in the field of shipping.


City Unity College in collaboration

with the Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport and with the support of the Arab-Greek Chamber of Commerce and Development and the Arab League announced in May 2017 the establishment of the Hellenic Arab Maritime Academy).

The Hellenic-Arab Academy offers through City Unity College the following postgraduate programs in the following fields:

  • MSc in Ship Operation and Marine Safety
  • MSc in Hydrographic Surveying

Upon completion of their studies, students obtain a Certificate of Competence as Lieutenants, or 3rd Engineers or Electricians respectively. Lieutenants and 3rd Engineers can upgrade their degrees to the highest level in the hierarchy of merchant ships, that is, until they become First Class Masters or First Engineers respectively. In addition to the undergraduate programs, two-year undergraduate programs are offered in:

  • BSc in Marine Engineering + 3rd Engineer COC
  • BSc in Maritime Transport Technology + 2nd Mate COC

Theoretical training is enhanced by practical exercises performed in modern bridge simulators and in certified Machine Shops.

The training ship AIDA IV, provides test masters and Engineers "Guided Sea Training" in real time.

It is staffed with Bridge Officers, Engine Room Officers, junior crew and with Professors of the Arab Naval Academy.

The test takers acquire theoretical and practical knowledge at sea in marine technology, engineering, electrical engineering, navigation, safety, cargo management, administration and management.

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