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About Athens

The capital and largest city in Greece, Athens is a modern metropolis with a rich history that spans more than 3,000 years. Blending old and new, modern Greece plays an important role in the Balkan countries and the European community. It is an important link between Europe and Asia.

Athens is home to ancient monuments of the classical era, such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis, as well as a variety of Roman and Byzantine monuments. The city’s rich culture spans the traditional with museums, theaters, galleries, neighborhood markets and concert halls to the trendy with clubs, cafés and sports venues.

Despite its rapid growth in recent years, Athens has many small neighborhoods, each with their own personalities from the exotic to the upscale. The warm Mediterranean air invites many onto their balconies and into the neighborhood cafes to enjoy conversation and wonderful Greek food. In Athens you will meet people with rich customs and traditions and hear several languages spoken, including German, English and French.

Athens Quick Facts


Birthplace of Socrates, Pericles, Sophocles and other prominent philosophers, writers and politicians of the ancient world.


The Parthenon, completed in 432 BC, was a temple to Athena, the patron of the city and the goddess after whom Athens was named.


Athens offers more than 148 theatrical stages, more than any other European city.


The first modern-day Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896, and again for the 2004 Summer Olympics.


The population of Athens is approximately 4 million

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts you should know if you choose to study with CityU.

  • Fall:  April 15
  • Spring:  October 1
  • Fall Semester: Mid-September through mid-December
  • Spring Semester: Mid-March through late June
  • City Unity College offers a thriving postgraduate community and high quality life in downtown Athens.
  • Classes taught in English
  • Greek language class
  • Access to Greek Public Library and computer lab

CityU operates on a quarter system. BCA will convert your quarter credits to semester credits upon completion.  Each 6 unit City Unity College course is equal to 4 standard U.S. semester credits

Live in the heart of Athens in furnished apartments close to City U and the American Embassy.

Get acquainted with Athens during the first three weeks of your stay with a comprehensive orientation program that includes educational excursions and the course Greek Culture and Contemporary Life (3 credits).

Full-time, on-site director, Aphrodite Vavouyios, has directed the Athens program for more than 20 years.  Previously a professor of Greek language and culture at the American Embassy, Aphrodite also taught Greek language, culture, and literature at the University of La Verne in Athens for 15 years. Aphrodite enjoys working with students in securing courses, showing them many wonderful sites, providing assistance in numerous ways and in sharing her beautiful homeland of Greece.

Delphi, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Meteora, Olympia, Ancient Corinth, Sparta, Mystras and Nafplion are just a few of the sites students have visited. Museums, Internet cafes, markets and shops are nearby.

  • Greek Culture and Contemporary Life (3 credits)
  • Modern Greek Language: Writing and Grammar (5 credits)

Host University

City Unity College

City Unity College (CU)

(formerly City University of Seattle in Athens) is one of the most contemporary Colleges in Athens. It was established in 1999 as an official branch of City University of Seattle (Washington, USA).
Today, City Unity College has expanded its academic partnerships and offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fields of Business Administration, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Technology, Psychology, Education, Maritime, Sport Sciences, Graphic Arts and Interior Design. Instruction is in English and taught by professors distinguished in the areas of business, education and government.
As a student at City Unity, you will meet students from around world. You will have opportunities to participate in activities, including field trips and island excursions with other Greek and international students. They also publish a quarterly magazine and a year book. In addition, the campus offers professional associations, various seminars and cultural group meetings.
City Unity College operates three campus buildings and a residence hall. Two of the campuses and the residence hall are located in the historic downtown area of Athens which also serves as the commercial center of the capital, while the third campus is in a hotel located in Glyfada, an attractive coastal suburb of Athens. The hotel serves as a residence hall for students and a laboratory where students receive practical classes in hotel management and culinary training.

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