Since February 2009, City Unity College (formerly City University of Seattle) has proceeded to new dynamic investments in building infrastructure.

The new main building of 2000 m² is located in downtown Athens (at Syntagma, 15-17 Theseos Str.), and includes classrooms, up-to-date fully equipped laboratories, a new updated library and an amphitheatre. To meet the educational needs of students, the College has the appropriate premises for research, entertainment and sports.

City Unity College has another fully equipped building in Syntagma, 1 Karitsi Street and Kolokotroni street, with classrooms and labs, and fully-equipped classroom for the classes of Conference Interpretation.



The big “CityU Library” is located in the main building of City Unity College in Thiseos Street, at Syntagma and has thousand of books in all fields. The space is calm and light and provides research space for all students, who wish to fulfill their obligations using College’s premises.

CityU Library aims to develop and maintain collections of books, journals and audiovisual material in any format to meet the educational and research needs of the academic community. For this reason, it is updated annually with the latest versions.

Moreover, the CityU Library:

is a subscriber of SPORT DISCUS, the most important international sports science bibliographic data base.

It is also a member of the National Documentation Centre program and the ABEKT library program and offers the option On Line search and retrieval of bibliographic information and research articles.

On Line library

The teachers and students of the college have free access to specialized libraries and comprehensive internet databases. By enrolling in college, each student receives the Student’s ID Number and has access to the ”on line library “.

Use of CityU Library

The use of the library subjects to the “CityU Library Regulations” of City Unity College. (See STUDENT SERVICES). Such a manual is distributed to all students at the beginning of their program.

The CityU Library operates on all working days from 10.00 am until 20.00 pm.