Mission – Vision

Our philosophy is based on the following core values and principles:

Access to education: Opportunity to learn should be open to anyone and anywhere and education should be affordable and accessible to all.

Global Approach: Education should not only be tailored to local labor market needs, but also to the needs of the growing global markets.

Flexibility: Programs and services that maximize convenience to students, and are tailor-made to their needs.

Innovation: Education that breaks down the barriers of time and place and is based on best modern practices.

Results: Education should lead to the development of critical thinking and continuing personal growth. Graduates must be competent to offer to the professional community they belong.


Our Vision and Mission

City Unity College’s mission is to provide modern academic programs that are results-oriented and that focus on the student’s needs, so that every graduate may aspire to become a competent and qualified professional, in today’s rapidly changing environment.

City Unity College was the first College to focus -besides on the needs of young students- on the needs of working adults. We understand that you want more options, fewer hassles. That’s why we offer flexible, self-directed programs that fit your life and how you want to learn.

All of our students feel a quiet urge; the desire for something more. Continuing education means different things to different people, and we’re open to your point of view.

Our programs are designed with one goal in mind: to get you everything you need to pursue the career you want and succeed.