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City Unity College Profile

City Unity College was founded in 1999 as an annex to the City University of Seattle and since 2010 it has been operating officially recognized by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs of Greece under the Ministerial Decision of 27 July 2010 (Ref. 92790 / IA). 

The University of Bourgogne

The University of Bourgogne was founded in 1722 and is included in the list of the best Universities in the world (Center of World University Rankings, Shanghai)

It is located in Bourgogne, between Paris and Lyon. The central premises are located in the town of Dijon, with several others spread across the region.

The history of UB begins with the founding of the Dijon faculty of Law in 1722, at the instigation of King Louis XV of France. After the French Revolution, between 1805 and 1809, Emperor Napoleon 1 of France founded the Faculties of Science, Arts and Medicine, in the center of Dijon.

In the 1950 ‘s – more than 150 years later – the University and its new faculties were moved to the beautiful, modern campus in the center of town. Over the last 20 years five new campuses have been set up all over Bourgogne, each one of them contributing to the development of Higher Education and Research.

The university offers 400 academic programs at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level. It employs more than 3.000 members of staff (academic and administrative) and has a student population of 30.000 students, 2.300 of whom are international students.

The University of Bourgogne is a member of the University Bourgogne France -Comte Community. Among the academic programs on offer are the studies of Physical Education and Sport in exclusive cooperation with City Unity College, Athens, Greece.

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