For their voluntary contribution to INIPY’s activities were honored CUC Psychology Department Students

During the processes of  the 1st Panhellenic Scientific Conference of Nursing Research and Health Policy entitled “Clinical Nursing Governance: Health 2019-2030”, which was held at the National Research Foundation from 7 to 9 March, the City Unity College Head  of the Postgraduate studies of the Psychology Department, Dr. Georgios Lyrakos, participated as an Honorary guest speaker, presenting the scientific results or of INEPY’s voluntary actions in Attica, during the previous years, were both Dr. Lyrakos and Students of our City Unity College Psychology Department who participated in these activities as ambassadors for our college were honored for their voluntary contribution to INEPY’s activities.

We would like to congratulate our undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department of Psychology of Cardiff MET: Papathanassios ArgyroRousakis AnastasiaBikou EleftheriaApostolos MarkouAngelopoulou KonstantinaPezoulas PanosNatalia PapanakiChristina Alicatora and Tsiouma Nikolaos for their voluntary participation in the detection of mental illnesses of the population of Attica during the previous years and wish them the best in their careers as Psychologists.