Highest Level of Safety and Effectiveness – We Provide a Seamless Educational Process

As part of the implementation of the health security protocol of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection and the Ministry of Civil Protection regarding the protection against the new pandemic, and from the first day of its effect, City Unity College was the first Educational Organization in the country that – not only by law, but also precautionarily – implemented comprehensive protection measures for the teaching staff and students, in all its facilities. Moreover, having a full sense of responsibility towards everyone, we have implemented additional health measures that have been proven to be highly effective.

City Unity College is always alert, constantly updated and provides the extra protection and security the students need to ensure their effective, smooth and safe study course.

  • Properly trained and constantly informed staff regarding all the protection measures provided for by the health protocol and the guidelines for dealing with any suspicious case.
  • Taking special care and timely providing all necessary protective means for all the staff: Plexi-glass protectors, masks, antiseptics, markings for proper distancing and information material, etc.
  • Specially arranged classrooms and spaces, where the necessary distance between students is properly maintained.
  • Top level organization for online education offered remotely via all modern technical means. Using cutting-edge technology, the special, online platform of City Unity College has shaped a proven and successful seamless educational process for students and teachers, for synchronous and asynchronous video conferencing. Yet, another innovation that City Unity College was the first to have successfully implemented for everyone, since the first day of the pandemic control measures.