Ithaca Institute of Intercultural Cooperation (IIIC)

Ithaca Institute of Intercultural Cooperation (IIIC)

Institutional Partners

Ithaca Institute of Intercultural Cooperation is an institution of City Unity College in cooperation with its Institutional Partners:











Mission of Ithaca Institute of Intercultural Cooperation:

To build ethical and effective leaders for the 21st Century and to enhance meaningful and sustainable intercultural cooperation across all sectors of global human society.

IIIC International Scientific Council

City Unity College, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Moscow State Pedagogical University, and Sevastopol State University elect each an academic representative to IIIC International Scientific Council.

The mission of IIIC International Scientific Council is to ensure the academic quality of IIIC Academic Programs and award The IIIC Certificate in Intercultural Cooperation.

Future Leaders Program

Content Overview Ithaca: A Paradise for Knowledge slide content.

  • Dynamically interactive lectures and workshops delivered in English by internationally recognized experts addressing topics of current political, economic, social, and cultural global interest with the aim of raising awareness about the need for new effective leadership and meaningful and sustainable intercultural cooperation across all sectors of global human society.
  • Academically substantial guided off-campus educational excursions to culturally and historically significant sites including an excursion to Olympia, site of the ancient Olympic Games for 1100 years, and Athens, capital of Greece and birthplace of Western Civilization.
  • Active and thoughtful participation in these activities will lead to the award of The IIIC Certificate in Intercultural Cooperation by IIIC International Scientific Council and City Unity College.


Future Leaders Program: June 23 – July 6, 2019 Organization slide content :

Academic Blocs
  • Opening Notes: New 21st Century Global Trends.


  • Bloc A: 21st Century Challenges to Leadership (10 hours of lectures and workshops).


  • Bloc B: Leadership Skills - Networking Skills for the Digital Age (10 hours of workshops).


  • Bloc C: Ancient Greece Values vs. 21st Century Values (10 hours of on-campus lectures and off-campus educational excursions).


  • Bloc D: Intercultural Communication Skills for the 21st Century (10 hours of lectures and workshops).


  • Closing Notes: What Leadership?
Typical Day Schedule
  • 07:00 - 09:30: Breakfast time in Mentor Hotel, Vathi.
  • 10:00 - 13:00: Classes and workshops in Ithaca Professional Lyceum, Vathi.
  • 13:00 - 14:00: Lunch in Mentor Hotel, Vathi (option: lunch or dinner).
  • 14:00 - 15:00: Classes and workshops in Ithaca Professional Lyceum, Vathi.
  • 15:00 - 20:00: Swimming, kayaking, basketball, football, study, and leisure.
  • 20:00 - 22:00: Dinner time in Mentor Hotel, Vathi (option: dinner or lunch).
  • After 22:00: Ithaca by Night.
Outdoor Activities

Daily outdoor activities include:


  • Kayaking, snorkeling, swimming in remote crystal and clear water beaches
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Hiking

Educational Excursions

1.Full Day Around Ithaca Educational Excursion
  • We begin our tour of Vathi, the modern capital of Ithaca: Ancient Ithaca Odysseus’ homeland, medieval Ithaca as part of the Kingdom of Sicily, the Venetian domination, the French, the British...
  • We walk along the seaside road, in the Strata Marina, and we see panoramic views of the seaside settlement: the harbor looks like a huge water square; in the middle of the harbor is the islet of Lazaretos and opposite is Neritos Mountain which closes the entrance of the bay and the port looks like a lake…
  • Around the harbor, amphitheatrically, is the beautiful seaside settlement of Chora. On the steep hillside of the Petaliatiko Mountain we see the ruins of Paleochora, the old capital of Ithaca, and on the left the mountainous Perachori village…
  • On the seaside road and in the near narrow streets we see many exquisite examples of the settlement of the Venetian and British domination, buildings standing up in the course of time, large two-storied stone-built mansions with admirable proportions, monumental entrances, and beautiful courtyards…
  • We visit the Metropolis church with the exceptional, fully sculpted and partially gilt wooden iconostasis of 1793 and the elegant 19th Century bell tower…
  • We see the monument of Lord Byron and the historical church of Saint Nicholas of the Foreigners with the icon of Jesus Elkomenos painted supposedly by El Greco…
  • In the square of the beautiful stone-built old capital, we see the 13th Century great church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary with the extraordinary Byzantine style wall hagiography of 1680 and the 17th Century imposing bell-tower…
  • We visit the Kathara Monastery and immerse in the history of a typical orthodox monastery. Before we leave, we enjoy the unique view from the bell-tower to Vathi…
  • We visit the traditional seaside villages Frikes and Kioni, among the most beautiful Ionian Sea settlements, and before arrival to Vathi we pass through Lefki for some more majestic views of the west side of the island.
2.Homeric Ithaca Educational Excursion
  • We depart early in the morning for the Archaeological Museum in Vathi…
  • We see the great findings of the ancient town of Ithaca (Alalkomenes) dating from the Protogeometric (10th Century BC) to the Hellenistic period (2nd Century BC): bronze coins from 4th Century BC with the form of Odysseus and the inscription ITHA (= Ithaca), a microscopic bronze bust of a bearded man with a conical cap identical to Odysseus, clay vessels from the Protogeometric and Geometric period (10th - 7th Century BC) with original shapes…
  • We see the statue of Odysseus and the bust of Homer at the central square and we depart for Northern Ithaca. We enjoy a view of the Alalkomenes citadel on Mount Aetos (“Eagle”). Here was the City of Ithaca, which was renamed Alalkomenes from the homonymous city of Boeotia which was considered the birthplace of Athena and Odysseus (9th - 8th Centuries BC)…
  • Just before Stavros village, we stop to admire the beautiful port of Polis and to learn the impressive history about the Cave in which the cult of Odysseus took place…
  • We visit Stavros, the central settlement of Northern Ithaca, with the great temple of Sotiras (Jesus Christ the Savior) and the park with the bust of Odysseus over the harbor of Polis with its thousands years of history Cave. Here we see the representation (model) of Odysseus Palace by the Italian architect Bruno Mazzali…
  • We visit The Sea from Odysseus to Homer exhibition about Mycenaean shipbuilding and navigation and Throwing Light on Homer’s Ithaca exhibition about Ithacan findings in museums out of Ithaca…
  • In a break, we sit in a traditional café to have a cup of coffee and taste rovani, a local sweet based on rice, honey, and olive oil, made only in Ithaca…
  • We visit the Archaeological Museum where we see the sections of the 12 bronze tripods and the fragment with the famous inscription EYXHN ODYCCEI (“I pray to Odysseus”) found in the Cave…
  • We walk to the top of the Pelikata hill with the Protohelladic settlement and the view to the Three Harbors…
  • And then we visit the Homeric Melanydhros Fountain (“The Dark Water Fountain”) and the Homer School, the archaeological site with the citadel identified by the archaeologists with the Palace of Odysseus.
3.Cruise Around Ithaca Educational Excursion
  • Our cruise begins form Piso Aetos Port of Ithaca…
  • We visit the lake-cave Melissani and Drogarati cave in Kefalonia Island…
  • Then we go to Pera Pigadi area with history connected to Homer…
  • We swim in the crystal waters of the exotic beach Gidaki and return to Vathi in the evening.
4.Ancient Olympia Educational Excursion
  • Ancient Olympia was a major Panhellenic religious sanctuary of Ancient Greece, where the Ancient Olympic Games were held.
  • The site was primarily dedicated to Zeus and drew visitors from all over the Greek World as one of a group of such Panhellenic centers which helped to build the identity of the Ancient Greeks as a nation.
  • Despite the name, it is nowhere near Mount Olympus in Northern Greece, where the Twelve Olympians, the major deities of Ancient Greek religion, were believed to live.
  • The Olympic Games were held every four years throughout Classical Antiquity, from 8th Century BC to 4th Century AD.
  • The archaeological site held over 70 significant buildings, and ruins of many of these survive, although the main Temple of Zeus survives only as stones on the ground.
  • The site is a major tourist attraction and has two museums, one devoted to the Ancient Olympic Games and one to the Modern Olympic Games.
5.Benefits for Future Leaders Program Students
  • Acquire knowledge in Leadership and Intercultural Cooperation and
    build related skills in a dynamic, interactive, and unique value-competitive program.
  • Non-Anglophone speakers improve their English, Anglophone speakers
    master the developments in 21st Century “digital” English.
  • Learn in a vibrant multicultural academic environment with IT facilities
    from recognized experts in Ancient Greek Civilization, Communication,
    English Language, Global Business, International Relations,
    Leadership, and Political Economy.
  • Network with international professors and students and build long-term
    professional relations.
  • Time travel to Periclean Athens, Homeric Ithaca, and Ancient
    Olympia and internalize the values of the Ancient Greek Civilization.
  • Embark with Odysseus on a journey back to their Ithaca.
  • Earn The IIIC Certificate in Intercultural Cooperation and upgrade
    their CV.
  • Are embraced by Greek hospitality and φιλότιμο.
  • Immerse into the beauty of Ithaca’s magic energy air, dream blue sky,
    caressing beaches, and turquoise clear sea.
  • Swim, sunburn, kayak, play basketball and football, hike.
  • Enjoy the blessed Greek cuisine and Ithaca’s specialties.
  • Dance the night away and touch Ithaca’s summer sky stars.
6.Future Leaders Program Package

This Future Leaders Program is a package including the following

  • Academics:

1.Lectures and Workshops.

2.Educational Guided Excursions:

a. Full day trip around Ithaca by bus.
b. Homeric Ithaca full day trip by bus.
c. Half day cruise around Ithaca.
d. Sightseeing in Ancient Olympia upon transfer from Patra to

3.Teaching Materials.

4.Student Support.

5.Certificate in Intercultural Cooperation.

  • Accommodation:

1.One overnight in a 3-star hotel in Athens on BB (first day).

2.Eleven overnights in a 3-star hotel in Ithaca on HB.

3.One overnight in a 3-star hotel in Loutraki on BB (last day).

4.All city taxes in Athens, Ithaca, and Loutraki.

  • Transfers:

1.From Athens International Airport to Athens hotel upon arrival by

2.From/to Athens and Patras (Kyllini) by bus.

3.From/to Patras and Ithaca by ferryboat.

4.From/to Ithaca Port and Mentor Hotel upon arrival and departure
by bus.

5.From Patras to Olympia, from Olympia to Loutraki, and from
Loutraki to Athens International Airport upon departure by bus.

  • City Unity College Discount Card.


  • Insurance:

1.Lloyd’s Silver Insurance (does not cover cancellation and