Participation the 15th International Conference of Global Communication Association with postgraduate students’s research, Tzoanna Basa.

City Unity College, constantly investing in the deeper essence of education and extroversion, supports research initiatives and innovation. In this context, our College is very proud to announce the participation of one of Masters’ students Tzoanna Basa, in the 15th International Conference of Global Communication Association entitled: “Media Politics, Migration and Education in the Digital Age”. 

Tzoanna, with the support of Professor of Political and Social Psychology and Head of the Psychology Department that offers Bachelor’s and Masters’ Programms in Greek, will present her research entitled: “Mediated Leadership: Constructing  Vladimir Putin as a leader in the Russian Media Narratives”. Aim of this study is the exploration of how the Russian Media constructed rhetorically the image of Vladimir Putin two weeks before and two weeks after the latest presidential elections in Russia.

City Unity College would like to congratulate you both for this big success!