I proudly write this testimonial in honour of City Unity College Athens – Greece. I had the opportunity of undertaking two courses respectively in this highly reputable Institution and presently undergoing a third one; placing me on vantage position to write on the school. I started with a Post Graduate Diploma Course in Strategic Planning and Crisis Management, proceeded to M.BA (Human Resource Management) and currently enrolled for a PhD. In Crisis Management. It is worthy of note that in some other institutions of learning, the time frame for a Master’s Degree is said to be two years but in reality it takes up to five years to complete. It might interest you to know that each semester has an accumulation of ten courses or more with attendant assignments and written examinations in these schools. Why did I make reference to this? The course duration for a Master’s Degree in C.U.C. is two years, and a serious student is bound to complete the course within the specified time frame, especially with the kind of cooperation, guidance and assistance given by staff. The courses are minimal, relevant, precise and of high standard. I didn’t have to write exams for all the subjects, because examination has never been the true test of knowledge. In C.U.C, the quality of the programme mattered more and the classroom environment was quite commendable. The staff, both academic and non-academic were not only accessible but happily helpful to the students. Classes were scheduled to fit into our busy time table. I did not only get instructions when I needed them, I was also encouraged to work at my pace. The programmes I did are not only beneficial for my personal growth, but my professional development as well. Having attained a top management level in my career, my academic experience and achievements at C.U.C have added greatly to my wealth of knowledge. On this premise I do not regret the sacrifices I made because it widened my horizon and I confidentially will recommend anyone who wishes to take up a course in this prestigious institution.