City Unity College may be a relatively new entry in the academic world of Greece, but in my opinion it has bright future prospects. It offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. As a Bachelor student I studied Business Administration and Finance because I was interested in leading an organization. I continued my studies in Master of Law International Business Program (LLM) with specialization in Arbitration, which is what I wanted. City Unity College did a great job of supporting my area of study offering a number of classes at the crossroads of Business, Finance, and Law, as well as employing professors who shared their unique knowledge and experience with the students. City Unity College was always very accommodating and understanding of my interests and the way I wanted to structure my time while in college. At a time when I was a little bit confused about what sector I liked most; my professors helped me understand what path I would like to follow. It was such a great experience! LLM International Business.