As a strong believer in life-long learning, and after considerable thought, I decided to proceed with a Master of Business Administration at Cardiff Metropolitan University delivered by City Unity College, Greece, last year. Due to the many professional and personal demands on my time, I opted to attend the course on a part-time basis. My first year has gone smoothly, thanks to the efficiency and professionalism of the academics and other college staff. The professors are highly experienced and treat you as a colleague from the first day. They have always been diligent, attentive and ready to assist whenever a question arises, providing proper clarifications. Interesting discussions and interactive lessons made the courses even more fruitful. City Unity’s multicultural society and friendly, experienced professors added value to my learning experience and made studying interesting and fun. As an experience, it has developed my problem-solving skills, while inspiring my creativity. I have great respect and gratitude for all involved in the programme. Master of Business Administration.