In 2013 I graduated from Aegina High School with the dream of starting my own business in the Food Service sector. My decision then was to study Business Administration with the purpose of gaining all the necessary knowledge and skills that would help me achieve my dream. After a long research, my family and I concluded that the BA Business & Management Program offered at City Unity College was the best option for my studies. Seven years later I can definitely tell that our decision proved to be right. Starting with the quality of the program, I was very much satisfied with all courses and the studying materials that were always interesting, updated, and relevant. Classes were following the schedule and there was extra time for further discussions. My professors were excellent professionals with a good knowledge about the operation of businesses in the real world. In addition, they taught me the importance of values, morality, and ethos. All that, and many more, have helped me develop myself as a professional but also as a person. Today I have the business mindset that helps me in every decision I take in my professional life. In addition, I can communicate with other professionals in a very effective way. Furthermore, I have the skills to research for valuable information and distinguish identify what is fake. Last but not least, due to the knowledge and skills that I gained throughout my studies in City Unity College I am more confident in myself, my goals, and the right path to follow in order to achieve them.