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Emerging Technologies radically change the financial environment we live in, by offering revolutionary opportunities for new business. Modern Financial Technology – FinTech companies utilize Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Data Analytics, Blockchain, Fast Internet and others to implement customer-centric financial applications with many facilities which could never be imagined in the recent past.

They disrupt the traditional banking and gain considerable market share by offering new and alternative financial products and services, while the financial institutions undergo major transformations by shutting down many of their branches and minimizing their personnel. Some of them, rush into technological solutions in order to compete with FinTech companies.

The new financial landscape, thus created, is not stable, but continuously evolves according to the accelerated pace of Technology. In this challenging financial environment, new job and business opportunities are already created and even more are expected, therefore:

  • Increased demand exists for professionals who have knowledge in finance blended with data science, mathematics, and programming to boost financial institutions’ efficiency, generate new products and services, and help them to avoid being disrupted by startups and other FinTech companies.

  • This demand for Financial Technology professionals stems from institutions’ desire to automate many financial activities, reduce operational costs, increase productivity, and offer new products and services based on new technologies in order to gain a competitive advantage over FinTech companies and startups.

  • Employees of Financial Institutions feel that their current jobs could disappear as a result of technological changes in their sector, therefore they desire to transform their positions into FinTech ones in order to retain them. They start training for this purpose.

  • FinTech companies, startups and their Investors are interested in Financial Technology educated personnel, having the required knowledge and skills to implement their revolutionary products and services in order to compete with institutions.

  • This field offers tremendous opportunities to researchers because it is new, fascinating and opens new horizons to knowledge. They can have new ideas about competitive products and services, which can be implemented by established companies or startups.

  • People, having innovative and/or entrepreneurial spirit, are willing to explore opportunities in this new field of Financial Technology in order to start their own business.

City Unity College, in cooperation with UK Coventry University, offers an Innovative MSc in Financial Technology – FinTech Program, for first time in the Private Tertiary Education in Greece.

This program blends the state of the art of Technology with Finance and Business. It doesn’t only contain Technical and Finance knowledge but also incorporates Business, Entrepreneurship and Regulations.

Any student wishing to follow an attractive and revolutionary career offering unlimited possibilities for development and evolution, having a Positive Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Business or Finance background can attend the program.

Message from the Director of FinTech and Innovative Technologies Academic Studies

At City Unity College in partnership with UK Coventry University London we deliver the MSc in Financial Technology – FinTech, which is a high-quality postgraduate program. It is designed to educate students wishing to build their careers on this revolutionary and innovative sector with many business and jobs opportunities.

The Seven Key Elements of our success are:

In this challenging financial environment, new job and business opportunities are already created and even more are expected, therefore:

  • The program is shaped after one of the most recognized schools in the world, UK Coventry University London, which specializes in both Finance and Technology sectors. 
  • The curriculum is concrete and precise covering theory, practice, and most of all the complete understanding of the newly emerged FinTech landscape. The subject matter provides to the future professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs knowledge and skills necessary to fulfil their purposes. 
  • The faculty is carefully selected, they combine scientific research and work experience, and they are highly educated in prestigious Universities. We are proud to have them as collaborators. 
  • The teaching procedures are based on both research and practice, following the best academic teaching methods, ensuring the complete participation of the students and the knowledge in depth they will gain. 
  • Collaborative Online International Learning is embedded into the formal curriculum and provide students with an opportunity to interact with peers at international universities and/or professionals, so they can develop intercultural competences and digital skills while working together on subject-specific learning tasks or activities, e.g., projects. 
  • Interdisciplinary approach is applied blending Sciences and using integrating methods together with analytical tools and techniques.
  • The emphasis is, for the students, to obtain real life knowledge and skills demanded by their prospective employers or required by their own business, and to advance innovation and entrepreneurship in this field.

Benefiting from these elements of success, I call you to explore our MSc FinTech course web pages to find more information and also to contact us, filling the corresponding form, to give you a complete image of the study program and the benefits you will gain as a student and prospective professional. 

The course comes with real life projects which require real life solutions, all based on strong theoretical and research background. It offers technical knowledge on Programming Languages, Artificial Intelligence - AI, Data Analytics, Algorithms and Finance. The gained technical experience and theoretical knowledge will be proved vital in your career. 

  • The Coventry MSc Financial Technology (FinTech) is aimed specifically at students or professionals who wish to direct and develop their career, through the acquisition of the knowledge and capabilities required, towards the financial industry, which includes traditional institutes and modern companies adopting the latest technological developments. The course therefore has a strong focus on practice with personal and career development as an underlying theme throughout.


  • The course is designed to develop not only core knowledge of the combined fields of Finance and Technology but also an understanding of disruptions caused by the latest technological evolutions, and the new financial landscape thus created. The emphasis throughout, is on innovation and its important role as driver of the emerging FinTech Business models. Many of the modules utilize financial technology problem-based learning and require answers to questions related to the field’s business strategic decisions.


The underlying aim is to build on the participants acquired knowledge, the following capabilities:

  • To think critically for every Financial Technology issue.
  • To deal with ambiguous Financial Technology problems.
  • To seek revolutionary solutions to traditional Financial complex problems.
  • To be able to think and act innovatively and strategically when it comes to FinTech Business decisions.
  • The course is one year, full-time, delivered over 3 semesters or two years, part time, delivered over 5 semesters.
  • Six modules are mandatory.
  • Two optional pathways exist with two modules each. 
  • Two final term projects are offered as options.
  • Students study 8 modules plus one final term project (dissertation).


The diagrams summarize the course design:


All courses take place in our campus in the centre of Athens, 15-17 Thiseos Str, Syntagma, 10562.

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