Department of Law

City Unity College, in collaboration with top universities abroad, offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs (Bachelor & Master Degrees) that create employment prospects in dynamically growing fields of Law.

  • Legal in International Business

  • Legal science

All programs meet the high standards of university education set by both the Ministry of Education and the partner Universities, which award degrees and postgraduate degrees to those who successfully complete their studies.

Law at City Unity College

City Unity College seeks to provide a high level of education and vocational training so that graduates can hold key positions in the domestic and international business world.

  • The programs are offered in collaboration with leading Universities, which have received international honors for the strict standards of study, innovative research activity and the high rate of absorption of their graduates.

  • They combine perfect theoretical and practical training for the immediate integration of graduates in the work environment to which they belong.

  • They are designed to meet the needs of candidates for study in English and Greek-speaking departments.

  • They are taught by academics with many years of educational and professional experience in the field of law.

  • They are implemented in fully equipped classrooms using modern technological means.




The College is constantly expanding its academic partnerships


The Academic staff consists of distinguished professors and prominent professionals


City Unity College students study in a multicultural environment