Department of Business & Finance

The City Unity College in collaboration with leading universities abroad offers undergraduate and graduate programs (Master & Bachelor Degrees) that create job opportunities in dynamic growing sectors of the economy & Administration

Studying Business and Management at City Unity College

City Unity College seeks to provide a high level of education and vocational training, so that graduates can undertake key positions in the domestic and international business context.

The aim of these programmes is to prepare the next generation of executives in various sectors of Business and Management, so as to meet the demanding conditions of a modern, dynamic, evolving-business environment.

The demand for skilled, competent and qualified executives who will staff the higher positions in the business hierarchy, creates a variety of job opportunities for all graduates of the Department.

With the high level asset of theoretical knowledge, practical training and familiarity with the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation, the City Unity College graduates who wish to make their own step and establish a startup or even their own business are fully equipped with all the necessary efforts.

  • The programs are offered in collaboration with leading universities, which have received international awards for strict attendance, the innovative research activity and the high employment rate of their graduates.
  • They combine a highly theoretical and practical training for the direct integration of graduates in the working environment.
  • They are designed to meet the needs of candidates to study either on English or Greek language

  • Taught by academics with extensive educational and professional experience in the business context both domestically and internationally.

  • All Programmes are conducted in fully equipped classrooms with use of the latest technology.




The College is constantly expanding its academic partnerships


The Academic staff consists of distinguished professors and prominent professionals


City Unity College students study in a multicultural environment