Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Assistance partners with students and their families in helping manage the expenses associated with their City Unity College experiences.

Advice about education financing strategies and financial planning are a primary part of the mission of the Office of Financial Assistance.

The staff are dedicated advocates for students in need of financial assistance as well as those whose academic successes and special talents have earned them special recognition. The office plays a critical role in securing for tate and private sources of financial support and is dedicated to making the college both financially accessible and a high-value educational experience.



Our policy includes the following

  • Tuition payment in interest-free monthly installments
  • Tuition reduction for unemployed students (with unemployment card)
  • Tuition reduction for families with many children
  • Program of partial scholarships (depending on the grading and achievements of students)

As each student is unique and faces unique financial conditions, each application for financial aid is examined per case.For more information on the Financial Aid program, please contact the Financial Support Department at email:, tel.: 210 32.43.222 , chatting on-line via the Live Advisor Platform or submitting our Contact Form