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City Unity College Profile

City Unity College (former City University of Seattle in Athens) is one of the most contemporary Colleges in Athens. It was established in 1999 as anofficial branch (teaching location) of City University of Seattle (USA), an American Accredited University with more than 25 teaching locations worldwide.

Since then, not only has the size of the student body increased to more than 1250 undergraduate and graduate students, but the number of degree programs that are available for students has also expanded.

Today, after 12 years of successful academic operation, City Unity College has expanded its academic partnerships and offers a wide range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in the fields of Business Administration, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Technology, Psychology, Education, Maritime, Sport Sciences, Graphic Arts and Interior Design.

City Unity College’s Academic faculty consists of instructors and professionals that are all distinguished in their field. Students study in a multicultural environment, due to the fact that the college is a member of a Students Exchange International Network.

City Unity College always remains firm to its Students’ Centered Philosophy by providing contemporary academic programs and education that are result -oriented and focused on the student, yielding in each graduate becoming a distinguished and expert professional.

The strategic development of City Unity College is represented by the joint venture it has concluded with Epsilon Net Group, a company listed with the Athens Exchange Stock market. Through this joint venture City Unity College students benefit from the opportunities offered by the Greek & European labor markets.

The qualitative education in combination with the flexible ways of studying, offered by City Unity College, leads to the award of academic degrees and college certificates of high value in the international employment market.

City Unity College operates in 3 campus buildings and a residence hall. Two of the campuses and the residence hall are located in the historic downtown area of Athens which also serves as the commercial center of the capital, while the third campus is an operating hotel located in Glyfada, an attractive coastal suburb of Athens. The hotel serves as a residence hall for students and a laboratory where students receive practical classes in hotel management and culinary.

City Unity College cooperates with the following accredited institutions:

  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • City University of Seattle (USA)
  • Educons University
  • Hellenic – Arab Maritime Academy

City Unity College is also an Approved Centre of Edexcel, UK.