Hellenic Arab Maritime Academy

City Unity College with the support of the Arab-Hellenic Chamber

of Commerce and Development and the co-operation of the Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport (A.A.S.T.M.T) of the Arab League announced in May 2017 the foundation and creation of the Hellenic Arab Maritime Academy. The Academy is integrated as an autonomous educational unit into the existing structure of City Unity College while the educational programs being offered include studies of all three levels of higher maritime education: Undergraduate (BSc), Postgraduate Degrees (MSc) and Doctoral (PhD). All programs are conducted in English Language and are intended for candidates from all over the world.

Accreditations & International Certifications

  • 1

    Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs (FEK 2019/B/16-08-2013)

  • 2

    International Maritime Organization (IMO)

  • 3
    Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy
  • 4

    Transport Malta Ministry of Transport

  • 5

    Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities (SCU)

  • 6

    Maritime MT – MMRTC ΜΑLTA

  • 7

    ZEVA Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency

  • 8

    International Convention on Standards of Training for Seafarers (STCW)

  • 9

    National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAA)

  • 10

    Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA)

  • 11

    European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)

  • 12

    ISO 9001 Certificate for Educational Processes

  • 13

    ISO 27701