Europa Hochschule EurAka CH





The Europa Hochschule EurAka CH is the official cooperation partner of the

  • QS Zurich AG (Swiss Accreditation Service SAS approved)
  • DeuZert (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle DakkS approve), founding member of the IFCES, ISO 29990 in Education

Global Student Benefits

  • Degree from a private Swiss University
  • International Degree officially approved in Europe
  • Further official approval beyond Europe
  • Campuses in Switzerland and Germany
  • Latest academic knowledge with practice-orientation for Employability Impact Individual – ISO 17024 Certification
  • Delivery by carefully selected national Partner Institutes making studies more affordable and accessible
  • Certificate, Transcript in the official format of the EU Diploma Supplement of the Europass
  • Part of a truly global student community
  • Progression up to doctoral studies with the University itself or other universities
  • International Graduation Ceremonies
  • Global Alumni Network

About EurAka

The E.H.E. EurAka research in management starts with a story. With reference to future university management and e-learning, the long-term connection and relationship with the late Chevalier Professor Tony Dyson, who has excited the world with his icon, the Star Wars’ robot R2D2, is essential.

Few know that Professor Tony Dyson was not only the creator of most famous Hollywood special effects reaching back to James Bond Moon Raker. In his last 10 years or so, Prof Dyson had become a serious and globally renowned researcher in robotics, avatar technology, and the development of the Virtual Avatar 3-D University. This had connected Chevalier Professor Tony Dyson with the University’s research. The particular research was so important that it was presented through the Higher Education Academy (UK) at Cambridge University and found numerous global publications in journals. The research with Prof Dyson was continued later.

In essential terms of global business and management research, the E.H.E. EurAka research has joined forces with other international academic partners. These activities comprise Asia and Europe and are in the centre of research on national developments and competitiveness.


Accreditation and Acknowledgement

The E.H.E. Private European University EurAka has an internationally acknowledged track record in research. Its research and development in technology and engineering has attracted substantial research funding from governments and global corporations. The E.H.E. EurAka with her Research Institutes (DBIC/EIE) is a member of the project ENPRO, ‘Modular Equipment for Energy Efficient Chemical Production’ of the German Ministry of Economy.

In terms of her high reputation, EurAka is a research-intensive university in particular. EurAka has worked and actively cooperated with institutes of high-level universities, including public universities – e.g. research projects that produce research outputs of global scope have been funded by the German government or one of its federal states.

The research group E.H.E./E.I.E./E.A.E./DBIC International was currently proposed by the Stifterverband Bildung (German Founder Association). Together with the official German accreditation agency DeuZert, founding member of IFCES for the ISO 29990 certification in education, EurAka is currently developing the Holistic Handbook for Education as the new international accreditation standard for education. Until the completion of the new holistic QM manual, the EurAka University fulfils the existing ISO 9001 standards and the EduQua guidelines.


Research – Science – Innovation

In its research, the E.H.E. EurAka also cooperates with prestigious Institutes of other Universities, like Erlangen, Germany. Swiss and German engineering are coming together. The result is the synergy of technological capabilities and state of the art precision being famous around the world.

The E.H.E. EurAka is also involved in the official German project called ‘Industry 4.0′ and has its own industrial company, the DBIC International. DBIC International consults with and is supplier of international first tier corporations. EurAka’s DBIC International was involved in the project of ENVIROTHERM, based on research funds of Germany’s Federal State of Saxony.

DBIC research is often conducted in cooperation with GAME, the Global Alliance for Management Education representing a global alliance of 35 Institutes und Universities on 5 continents. This alliance links research on technology with management advantageously.