City Unity College – Graduation Ceremony 2018 @ Evgenides Foundation


City Unity College – Graduation Ceremony 2018

The City Unity College Graduation Ceremony Class of 2018 took place on May 12 in the Eugenides Foundation auditorium. In a festive atmosphere, 88 graduates of City Unity received their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, applauded by family and friends in a standing-room only hall.

In his welcoming speech, Mr. Harris Geronikolas, President of City Unity Educational Group, spoke of City Unity College’s educational philosophy, proposing that it is indeed that philosophy which enables the graduates to achieve distinction in their professional lives.

In the commencement address, Professor Gregory T. Root, Dean of City Unity College, appealed to the graduates to not judge books by their covers, correlating this idiom with learning to overcome the tendency to judge individuals, social or ethnic groups, or indeed entire countries according to stereotypes which are often not only completely inaccurate, but also malicious in intent.

In the key-note speech, Mr. Iakovos Giannaklis, General Manager of Retail Banking Eurobank, underscored the fact that the graduates’ success in their personal and professional lives would, at least in part, be a reflection of their striving consciously for the much quoted, but rarely achieved work-life balance.

The City University of Seattle degrees were presented by the City Unity College MBA coordinator Mr. Vesselin Todorov, while Alexandros Sklepas, a computing major, delivered the valedictorian address on behalf of his cohort.

Cardiff Metropolitan University’s degrees were presented by Professor David Brooksbank, Dean of Cardiff Metropolitan University School of Management, with Philippos Efstartiadis, a business studies major, delivering his cohort’s valedictorian address.

Awards of Honourable Appreciation were presented thereafter to Mr. Iakovos Giannaklis, Mr. Rashad Magber, General Secretary of the Arab-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce & Development, Professor David Brooksbank, and Aphroditre Vavougios, Head of Study Abroad Department of City Unity College.

Encouraging the graduates to chase their dreams and not allow obstacles to prevent them from achieving their goals, City Unity College’s Registrar Despoina Masaouti brought the formal part of the graduation ceremony to a thoughtful and inspiring conclusion.

The festivities continued, however, as the Class of 2018 graduates posed for their official group portrait taken in the Eugenides Foundation lobby and on the steps in front of the building, and then rejoined their families and friends as well as City Unity faculty members and administrators for food and drinks at the reception given in the lobby of what proved to be a worthy venue for this memorable event.