CUC: Computer Science Project Presentations 2018

The Computer Science Department organized their annual Project Presentations event on May 30th, 2018. Our students from MSc – Masters and BSc – Bachelor programs in coordination with their supervisors and instructors presented their Dissertation Projects and Final Assignments. An open invitation has been sent to all level Computer Science students and their friends.

Students presented high-quality work using latest technology methods and popular programming languages while they had the chance to share ideas with the other colleagues coming from different academic levels and schools.

Indicative Topics presented included:

  • Cross-platform mobile application for developing micro courses (e-learning, learning conducted via Internet and m-learning, Mobile learning education using personal mobile devices)

  • Smart house and Security System (to be able to control and monitor your house / business remotely from anywhere in the world as long as you have Internet access.)

  • A technical approach with in-depth analysis for the need of intranet in the Consulting business filed in Greece.

  • Implementation of the Intelligent Mirror – Augmented reality. “A mirror that understands you and your needs”

  • Computer operated light show with numerous applications such as in the music industry

  • Implementation of a Search Engine and a light Web Browser

    Students had the opportunity to comment, ask questions and challenge the presenters, while at the same time gaining knowledge and improving their presentation skills mutually. At City Unity we promote the exchange of ideas and teamwork since we strongly believe that students can benefit and be best prepared to face successfully our very competitive job marketplace.

    We would like to thank everyone who attended our Computer Science Presentations Event. Congratulations to all involved and also to those who could not attend (since they are already working in Greece and abroad), for their hard work throughout the year. Thank you to all my colleagues for inspiring our students by providing valuable knowledge and guidance.

Spiros D. Papanicolaou
Head of Computing Department