Dissertation Process Supervision Workshop

City Unity College (CUC) Athens presented an interactive Dissertation Supervisor workshop, on June 28th, 2018, on its Athens campus. It was attended by dissertation supervisors from both CUC Athens (Greece) and CUC Nicosia (Cyprus, via Skype) as well as by CUC Academic Dean, Professor Gregory T. Root.

The attendees had the opportunity to more deeply familiarize themselves with the dissertation process and its technical aspects. While there is no doubt regarding the ability of the colleagues in attendance to properly supervise a dissertation, bureaucratic matters such as deadlines and processes can at times prove challenging. In terms of clarification and coordination, along with creating inter-institutional harmonization and cohesion, this workshop was intended to describe and illustrate the procedures that must be followed in order that the entire dissertation process is in accord with applicable Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK) regulations, requirements and standards.

Professor Vesselin Todorov – CUC MBA Program Leader and Dissertation Coordinator – organized and presented the workshop. The Dissertation Supervision Process was carefully analyzed, and lessons learned from the academic year 2017-2018 were addressed. Professor Todorov’s presentation was not only crystal clear and well-substantiated, but also utterly convincing in its explicit and implicit call for an increased sense of responsibility and dedication to due diligence on the part of the dissertation supervisors on both CUC campuses.

Following the presentation, attendees commented that they found the workshop to have been both constructive and encouraging, if not even inspirational.