Team poster presentation by City Unity College Business Studies Department and Computing Department

A very interesting and contemporary Team Poster Presentation took place on Saturday 5/5/2018 at City Unity College premises for the needs of the module MBA7024 ‘Delivering Successful Projects’.

This mandatory teamwork poster presentation was based on the Public awareness on RECYCLING, where students had to structure their analysis around the Project Management Institute (PMI) Knowledge areas and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the key PROJECT MANAGEMENT issues raised by the topic.

An open invitation was sent to the Departments of Psychology, Computing and Business, so as the audience from an interdisciplinary context to comment, ask and challenge the presenters, while at the same time gaining knowledge and improving their presentation skills mutually. Students presented a high-quality work using PMI methods, while they had the chance to share ideas with the other colleagues coming from different academic aspects and schools of thought.

At City Unity College we promote this interdepartmental collaboration since we strongly believe in the interdisciplinarity and epistemology.